ORV electric off-road vehicle

ORVAll-electric, purpose-built as off-road utility task vehicle (UTV) or side-by-side vehicle

ORV is designed to meet the demands of farms and ranches, corporate campuses, warehouses, construction sites, or trailing and hunting.


The hardworking ORV is capable of meeting the challenges of commercial, ranch and recreational use.

This durable UTV can be used by households, campuses, and municipal parks, hotels and resorts. This vehicle has the capabilities for the lengthy and heavy work demands of farms and ranches. View Gallery

ORV Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)157.1x62.2x80.7 in3990x1580x2050 mm
Truck Bed Size (LxWxH)77.6x62x20.5 in1970x1575x520 mm
Max Speed31 mph50 km/h
Wheelbase98.4 in2500 mm
Payload2204 lbs.1000 kg
Grade ability25%
Max Range50 mile80 km
Gross Vehicle Weight Rate4630 lbs.2100 kg
Nominal Power7.5 kw
Peak Power15 kw
Battery TypeLiFePO4
Battery Capacity8 kwh
All info shown are based on standard product, actual parameter may vary due to regulation revision & differences in each market.